Our surgeons strive to provide unbiased independent orthopaedic assessments for a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries. We work as a larger, multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive and timely assessments with detailed reports.

Our surgeons and co-assessors hold certifications in:

  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Functional Capacity Examinations
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessment
  • Work Hardening and Work Conditioning

We have experience with independent medical assessments (IMEs) for workers compensation claims, insurance and medico-legal assessments.


For those injured: we recognize the stress that comes with an independent medical assessment. We strive to provide a comfortable and professional environment to make the processes as easy as possible.


For those seeking IMEs on behalf of a Client: The subspecialty interests of our surgeons and office contact information can be found below.

Dr. Brent Mollon: Upper Extremity, Knee, General Trauma. Phone: (705) 329-1811. Fax: (705) 329-1911.

Dr. Jerry Xing: Foot and Ankle, General Trauma. Phone: (705) 558-1700. Fax: (705) 482-0680.

Dr. Raaj Vora: Hip/Pelvis, Knee, Trauma. Phone: (705) 418-1100. Fax: (888) 498-0060.

Dr. Mark W. Miller: Hip/Pelvis, Knee, Trauma. Phone: (705) 418-1100. Fax: (888) 498-0060.